God’s Art

“Just as your camera is limited to capture God’s Art..

Your language is limited to express His Word”


New Year With the Rising Sun


sunrise 2

Burst a thousand crackers

Lit a million lamps

The rising sun does simply outshine..

Sun is sun for a reason

Lion is lion for a reason..


Some frames are difficult to capture

Some moments are difficult to express..

Happy New Year

Let’s Replace with love, fear!

Your Body, Ego & Soul


It seemed like an unusual morning walk, a certain window seemed to have opened up in my heart through which I saw things like never before.

Walking through the village, I passed by a house in which two people were quarreling, upon observing I realized that they were fighting for the ownership of the house. What was even more surprising to me was one of them was the real heir of the house and the other was the tenant, they had but little knowledge of their real titles and seemed to have forgotten the real owner of the house. They were equally powerful, I presumed this fight would go on till one of them eventually gains more power to overcome the other, I continued to walk.

After a while i passed by another house in which the owner was in full control of it and was as healthy and heavy as anyone could imagine, I could not find the tenant anywhere initially. Upon inquiring I was told that tenant merely existed in a corner of the house almost as a slave and was hardly fed any good food of his choice. I assumed, they would probably never fight as the heir was well aware of his ownership of the house and kept himself well maintained over the tenant, however I felt somehow the tenant was never really going to give up, i decided to head back home after this.

Upon reaching there, to my surprise I found the heir of my house to be frail, bedridden and almost about to die. I became curious and started searching for the cruel tenant everywhere who caused this pitiful scene. I almost gave up searching and that’s when my sight fell upon the mirror. I stood spellbound for a moment looking at this giant ugly being, for sure I must have usurped almost all things which originally belonged to the heir. I was in full control of the house and there was little hope the heir would ever stand up on his feet again. But somehow I felt, even the house yearned for the heir to put up one last fight and achieve the seemingly impossible..!


This house is a metaphor for your Body, tenant for your Ego and the heir for your Soul.

I leave you with one question, who are you in the story..?










A chance of a debate arise from a thought
A choice to be a foe or a friend awaits

Let the sun rise
Or before the sun,  rise

Lonely in a crowd
Or joyfully alone

Chained like an elephant
Or break free like a bird

Reduced to the rules
Or rise up beyond limits

Latter not former is the choice I make
Include not Exclude is the lesson I learned
Ascend above the world of forms
Or stoop so low to fearful depths
Spiral is quick, up or down
Choice is mine, willfully make.

Caged is a word they never understood
Asiya and Rabiya, a queen and a slave!
Slavery beyond freedom, can I comprehend
To the One or things whose message I befriend!

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