The Tree and The Child

Oh my little one ,such a beautiful face..
Come to me running for an embrace..
where to rushing, with such a haste.
Heedless even to share a gaze..

Many who passed have left no trace..
Missing the moments of blissful grace..
Praise thy Lord and observe the world
Listen to my voice which you never heard..
Talk to me in silence with that beautiful sound..
Serenity that envelopes is so profound..

Pelt me , prick me cut me down..
Sit, walk, lie on I will hide my wound..
Little displeasure can ever ever be found..
Fade not yourself, come in my shade..
The love I share shall never be claimed..
Thus has been taught by a Teacher so kind..
Mercy to me ,you and the whole world.
Treasure the words which he had shared
Possess the power to keep me ever consoled..
Be you His student , let the kindness be flood..
Let’s live in a world ,where love knows no bound..