“A Moon and The You”


Be the moon that shies away from your stare,
Be the moon that hides behind the curtain of clouds
Be the moon that covers its nakedness with self created wounds..

Why those sunglasses when you are already in the shade,
Why those stares when you are veiled except for the eyes..
Many are your appearances, yet the slogan is the same
Look at me , look at me.. is all you chant in pursuit of fame..

Be the sun that holds itself from showing off, to keep you safe from  burning off,
Be the sun that is itself dying, yet strives to keep you living.

Be not proud as you own the world,
Know not in it even where you stand..
Today you stand haughtily above the sand ,
Far is not the day the sand above your head ,stand.

Be like the flower that blossoms for your pleasure,
Chasing the the Sun , and efforts you cant measure,
Producing a masterpiece knowing it’s soon to wither.

These words are a mere reflection to make you understand.
The white pen of time is scribbling on your black head as the poet warned..

Oh dear, what have you done to feel so proud,
The land you were born in is not a choice you made,
Neither did you have an option with the household.
Not to mention the colour of your skin..
Or, is it the clothes and gadgets that make you so advanced.
So believed the people before millennia lived.

Be like the moon that shrinks to nothing in silent introspection,
Rise you back in portions to the full moon, through self purification,
More even in beauty and persona , you humans are the best of creation..
Spread your light across the globe, with no demand for admiration.