Cells in Shells

A mere moment passes by

A thought , nay thoughts come through

Why this why that, how this how that

Questions endless..

Heart or mind preferred is who

Tongue or hand , who is ahead.

Are we one , part of one body

Are we all independent beings

What if, in the weirdest thoughts

Even the cells obfuscated

Me and you, we and them 

How they think, thoughts come through

Moments pass by, never to be back

No rich no poor, moments equal moments 

Me and you , we and them 

Human cells in billions say

We have nuclei, independent

wow our shapes and wow our colours 

Beyond control, we are independent

Lest they realize, dependent

In the shell of a single human body 

Belong, poor cells,  as slaves to the body

Lest they realize, dependent

They are ,well in control.

We have brains, say the humans

We are independent, beyond control

In billions, we humans surely independent. 

wow our shapes and wow our colours

Lest they realize, lest they realize..

Moments pass by, moments pass by.