Human of the Day Award!


I have been thinking about this for sometime 🙂

This is a short series of positive human experiences in our daily lives. We will chose the best three entries and recognize them with the human of the day awards on 31st of June

In a world that is filled with negativity and resentment, this is an attempt to observe and recognize the little goodness around us. An opportunity to enlighten the readers with that little happiness you received from a fellow human.

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The Water Soul


Like water containers, Our bodies as human beings come in different colors and shapes. Look at a bottle, glass or jar around you, the sizes and forms are completely different, yet if you take a step further and open the jar, see through the bottle or look inside the glass you see the same content, water

Our souls are like this water. Regardless of the differences outside, deep within we are all the same. The colorless, odorless , tasteless water.

Now!. Comes the power of your choice,

Take some dirt or filth and mix with this water, it becomes an undrinkable unapproachable thing. Or take some honey and milk to mix with it, the same water becomes a desirous drink.

This mud or the milk is the character you complement your soul with, the more of which you add the kind of being you become.

Choice is truly Yours.

( Inspired by Nadim Maldar)