Keep the Husband at Home..



Spiris invited one of his teachers and an old fiend to his office, to chit chat and also with a hidden intention of arranging a free motivational session for his team.

Things didn’t quite turn out to be as expected as the whole team was given an unanticipated speech on a personal topic by this rebellious teacher.

He said our world is crowded with motivational speakers, so allow me be to be my ordinary self and share a few things about life itself.

Among the various things he taught us i am just sharing a point that struck me the most

He said, A Man assumes four major roles in his life

  1. Father
  2. Brother
  3. Son
  4. Husband

Assume any role of your choice, but when you go out, do not take the Husband with you. So that all the women other than your wife experience only the Father, Brother or Son in you.

And there comes the inquisitive colleague’s question, how about women?.

“Keep the desirous WIFE at home” !

Is He Not Capable

A lesson from a recent story The Spiritual Salesman heard from his Mentor..



Whenever you come across one who is less fortunate than yourself in wealth, health, knowledge or spirituality. Before you look down upon his wretchedness. Ponder on the following questions.

  1. Is God not Capable of pulling him out of that misery
  2. Is God not Capable of making him equal with you in blessings
  3. Is God not Capable of putting you in that state

These questions will help you to keep your ARROGANCE at check and allow you to be HUMBLE all the time.