Chivalry or Communalism

The two communities lived next to each other almost like matchbox and sticks, just waiting for a rub to fire up. Of-course it can only get worse when they belong to different religions

The last of the incidents was, a Muslim youth’s life had been taken by an angry mob from the Hindu side. It was just a matter of time for revenge to be taken by the Muslim side. This anxiety of ‘who and when’ was definitely disturbing the Hindu families and the community.

That’s when the unanticipated call for a joint meeting came from the Leader of the Muslim side. Which was unprecedented.

You could feel the tension in that room, it’s easy to tame wild beasts as compared to these youngsters from both sides..

The leader who called for the meting stood up and spoke

” I know the value of life that has been taken and I believe we have every right to payback on the same way. However if we proceed to take revenge , this will be a never ending chain of slaughters.

He proceeded without paying attention to the grinding of teeth and the folding of fists from his side.

“I want to assure my Hindu brothers that there will be no retribution from our side and we extend unconditional forgiveness to whoever committed the crime.”

A loud sigh of relief could be heard from the mothers of either sides, though the youth seemed unconvinced by the words.

Before the anxiety settled down, the Leader of the Hindu community got up and spoke

“We do not just welcome the news with warmth but also command to reopen the mosque that has been forcefully closed for the last 20 years in our area and our strongest young men would stand guard to it while prayers are taking place”

The hands that would would have otherwise been risen with swords gave way to handshakes and frowns gave way to smiles.

While the long held silence was broken, happiness returned in the united community, elated, an old man remarked.

” Forgiveness is the epitome of Courage..

Chivalry it takes to offer before request! “