Every son that’s risen, sets

Every fruit that’s ripe , dries

Every soul that’s born, dies..

Laughter becomes a little tougher

Compassion becomes a little harder

Life becomes a little rougher

Some faces are hard to forget

Some memories are hard to part with

Some lives are hard to let go..

May be that’s what you call, love

Rest In Peace , Pootha!

In blissful peace, you Live..

Timing is Everything

Had these clouds come a little earlier

Had these hearts been a little prettier..!

Sometimes in life a watchful eye and a helping hand can avoid a lot of tragedies, yet, only if followed by timely actions.

Paperless or Mannerless

Recently me and my colleagues went for a meeting and there she was , a well dressed young professional and she definitely seemed to know almost everything!

After almost an hour long meeting, we extended our business cards then she said , no I can’t accept it as WE ARE GOING PAPERLESS.

We were about to leave and she wanted some more information to be sent to her email. She asked for a PAPER , which was given and she happily wrote her email on a full page.

We just hope , she and her organization just stop being PAPERLESS like that !


How interesting!

All the other four senses are different from the fifth one, how ?

Let’s See

For all the four senses to work there needs to be an external thing other than the sense itself

Like for the eyes to see , for the ears to hear , for the nose to smell, and for the skin to touch, another object or part has to be there.

Not convinced yet..?

All the four senses can only experience something which is already in existence

Such as ..

Your Eyes can only see a thing which is already created

Your ears can only hear a voice which is already created

Yours can only smell a fragrance which is already created

Your skin can only touch a thing which is already created

Pause and ponder, But!

Your mouth can create words that have never been spoken!

Your mouth can create something almost from nothing !

Like your lovely heart

Is that why God said..

“Neither My Earth nor My Heavens can contain Me, but the heart of a Believing Servant, contains Me.” !