Words That Produce Fruits!

The seeds you randomly threw as a child grew up to be big trees and now you enjoy the fruits without realizing those are of your own doing. Some sweet,and some sour..

Similarly you might never realize the depression of your wife, resignation of your employees, divorce of your friends or achievements of your kids.. etc are fruits of your own words which were discharged carelessly while speaking.

My Sales Interview: Where did the 4Ps hide?

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

Holding my Marketing MBA marks card in hand, she asked me in the sales interview what are the 4 Ps of marketing ?

To her surprise my answer was “I don’t know “

She was like “ Is this marks card with First class scores real? How come you don’t know the 4Ps“?

As if nothing unusual happened, I told her “If you put me in front of the clients, I know how to sell and they never ask for the 4Ps.”

That day I realized knowledge of marketing is not as important as the application of it😜

I was still thinking where did the 4Ps hide while walking back with the offer!

Do We Deserve It

I was discussing a project with friends of making free food available to the needy

A question came from one of us, what if the non deserving took advantage of it ..

There came a swift reply from the best of us in the form of another question

Do we really deserve the food we eat everyday?


Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I was not used to travelling much in trains, and there i found myself rushing to catch before it just departed to my far away village. You can imagine how it will be at the peak hour in a town in India filled with students. Growing up in the village climbing all those cashew trees for childhood pocket money and being a student myself really helped. Somehow pulled myself up to the compartment and was happy to find some space to breathe. As my eyes fell in the corner, saw the students chit chatting- two boys and girls and some other elderly ladies lost in thoughts.

With a surprising look in their eyes and a tinge of speaking to a nomad, the students told me in the same voice. “This is a ladies compartment, You should move to another one”

Nodding in approval, I quickly stepped out and ran to beat my own record in climbing a new general compartment.

If you are a supplier going to re work on the whole project based on a clients comment, reflect on the story!

The Night Flight

Why do you crawl in mud

When you can fly sky high

Sins have burned my wings

Now I know not how to fly..

Who taught you the first flight, try

The Prophet, from whome I am so shy

Fall at His Feet, He’il take you above the sky

Lest you forget, never you give up the try,

My Master, teach me how to fly..

Though I have no wings, To You I hope to fly.