Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I was not used to travelling much in trains, and there i found myself rushing to catch before it just departed to my far away village. You can imagine how it will be at the peak hour in a town in India filled with students. Growing up in the village climbing all those cashew trees for childhood pocket money and being a student myself really helped. Somehow pulled myself up to the compartment and was happy to find some space to breathe. As my eyes fell in the corner, saw the students chit chatting- two boys and girls and some other elderly ladies lost in thoughts.

With a surprising look in their eyes and a tinge of speaking to a nomad, the students told me in the same voice. “This is a ladies compartment, You should move to another one”

Nodding in approval, I quickly stepped out and ran to beat my own record in climbing a new general compartment.

If you are a supplier going to re work on the whole project based on a clients comment, reflect on the story!

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