job loss aka termination letter

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Recently happened to meet one of my old friends who was in an enviable position in a big firm. Realized he was at the height of despair now after being out of job for more than one year, and his own friends in the previous company was blocking him from getting other jobs.

His words were painful to my ears “I am planning to quit everything”.

Please do remember folks, we are living in a very fragile world where things are changing overnight and not everyone has the faith to endure these challenges.

If you can’t support or pray for X colleagues or fellow beings, at least do not harm them. If your simple YES can land them a job in a reference call, give a BIG YES without expecting anything in return and be in touch with them.

I met him even though I had nothing in mind , but just as God wanted it to be, turned out to be a very productive meeting for both of us.

I have a simple message to all of you who are in similar situations, or who might be in future

Your Determination is always two letters ahead of your Termination! and as the Qur’an states “God does not burden a soul beyond it’s capacity” and more than anything “Do not despair of the Mercy of Your Lord

Hold on you strong one..
For bigger goals, your chosen!

but, y aren’t they flying high enough?

While I was driving through a flyover recently, saw a few birds flying really low that I almost hit them with the car. Just thought to myself why don’t they fly a little higher and be safe from these roaring cars. Only to realize a bit later that they are already flying at their maximum height , and its me who is disturbing their natural track driving though the sky at 16 FEET!

The reason I thought of writing this now is while I was speaking to a friend about Palestine, he remarked why do the people still continue to live there after all these atrocities and hardships they go through year on year.

Just like the sky is home to the birds, that land is home to them and the only thing they have access to. Rather than asking them to fly higher, it’s more natural and sustainable to stop the ones driving at height.