Daoud; A friend from another world

Your were like a breeze, A fragrant breeze ,

swaying every branch that touched you.

So gentle, that no one noticed until we lost you.

We didn’t have the courage to look at your still face,

but they say your presence was even stronger after your death

And you had an even bigger smile on your face .

When our lips embraced your frozen forehead,

Eyes became a fresh spring , like flood

My son’s not from earth but from heavens your mother said

Even the skies bore testimony to her words

Clouds were competing with the crowd to bid you farewell

Birds were hovering above you as your father observed

Remember When your friends pushed you to wash Habib hands

When they teased you about the upcoming wife

Little did they know it will be in the coming life

I can’t just forget that last gaze

Little did i know that will be our last handshake

Regret not that you missed the dawah trip

You did more dawah with your death than many with their lives

You wanted to feed, in the majlis you loved

And in your blessed name shall it be served

You remember the mosque where Al Habib waved at us

There, above heads, your body was moving like a wave

Strange is the story he told you about Jabl Furait

In just a week you have from it your tombstone

You lived as a slave to One So Kind

He made you leave, no less than a king

Rest in peace my dear Daud

Your parents are proud of you

Your friends boast of you

Your teachers are honoured by you

You died on a Friday

Buried on a Monday

As student of knowledge

In service of your teacher

Al Habib led your funeral

And Your abode is Zambal

What more can one ask for

We stop with what your teacher said

There are many who chose Tarim

But only a few are chosen by Tarim

We are proud you are of them

We hope this love remains forever

6 thoughts on “Daoud; A friend from another world

  1. Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’un. May He drink from the Basin of the Prophet ﷺ , and may He never thirst thereafter, and may He enter into the highest gardens of Jannah.

  2. Such a beautiful poem for a beautiful brother, my heart was hurting just reading it, Allah bless us all with a beautiful ending

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