Who Am I

I will tell you a short story today.

Once upon a time, there lived a cell inside a human body.

The cell was very proud of its being and its individual self. It was a social being and lived in a community with other cells.

With it’s many friends and relatives it was living an eventful life, and then one day it fell ill and died… every cell has a limited lifespan as you know

It’s dead remains was flushed out and buried on the earth and that was the first time the cell had come out of the human body and looked at it from outside

It couldn’t help but marvel at the giant structure it once belonged to. It could not help but wonder, how stupid it was to have missed this knowledge of who It really was

The cell just thought to itself

If i really had another life , i will spend it in it’s entirety to find the answer to this one question and teach it to my fellow cell beings

Be, Like Fire

Some are famous on earth

Some are famous in the heavens

But a few, in both.

Some are excellent teachers

Some are great spiritual leaders

But a few can be both

Everyone dies when the time comes

But a few, live on with heroic deaths

We call these few ,HEROES

I guess my Grandpa was one of them

Heroes are like fire

Gravity pulls everything down

But the fire, still goes up

He is like that fire

That still lights up my whole town..


There are no weekends for a human being

Time is the most precious capital there in

Depression will take care of itself

If you stop wasting time, purposeless.

Build a dream that benefits other beings

A purpose that lasts longer than your life

You will have no enough time to use let alone waste

Thus told mysoul to myself and your self ..

But Y

Why are you here

To live forever..

Eh! so what about death

It’s nothing but a halt

How do you know 

When does it taste better

When I’m in deep hunger

When do you enjoy rest

When I’m tired the most

When is sleep beautiful

Deep asleep or when just awake

So why am I here

Womb to Tomb

Here to Hereafter

To live forever..

So what shall i do

Find a prayer that befits Your God

Not! find a god that befits your prayer..

And , Live! Forever .

Inspired by Habib