Be, Like Fire

Some are famous on earth

Some are famous in the heavens

But a few, in both.

Some are excellent teachers

Some are great spiritual leaders

But a few can be both

Everyone dies when the time comes

But a few, live on with heroic deaths

We call these few ,HEROES

I guess my Grandpa was one of them

Heroes are like fire

Gravity pulls everything down

But the fire, still goes up

He is like that fire

That still lights up my whole town..

But Y

Why are you here

To live forever..

Eh! so what about death

It’s nothing but a halt

How do you know 

When does it taste better

When I’m in deep hunger

When do you enjoy rest

When I’m tired the most

When is sleep beautiful

Deep asleep or when just awake

So why am I here

Womb to Tomb

Here to Hereafter

To live forever..

So what shall i do

Find a prayer that befits Your God

Not! find a god that befits your prayer..

And , Live! Forever .

Inspired by Habib

Pea(ie)ce of Mind

A little peace of mind, might

Cost a big piece of your wealth

Sacrifice your share

whether or not others care

You will be a real hero

While they call you zero

You will fly high

While they sigh a cry

In contentment, as Shafiee said, richness lie

Had the rich known, they’d never ever lie.


We demand gratitude and returns for

Every favor we have shown

Every gift we have Given and

Every salary we have paid

Even if it’s a two way deal

Every breath we have taken

Every morsel we have eaten

Every step we have taken

Every scene we have seen

Every sound we have heard and

Every moment we have spent

Every limb we possess and

Every relationship we claim

Are gifts from The Generous One

How much gratitude we steal

Yet, it’s a one way deal!

The Mouse in your House

A negative thought in your mind

Is like a mouse in the house

You know well the damage just one can cause

Think of having a thousand mice at once

Use of a trap can only catch a few

But prevents not more from entering anew

Find the hole through which it creeps in

Seal it at once and earn a piece of your mind!

They say we have 70000 thoughts a day. And for an average person more than half of it is negative and a lot of the rest is about trivial matters.

While it’s not easy to put a full stop to these, the best temporary solution is to drive away negative thoughts with opposite thoughts which im referring to as the mouse trap ( Eg: to pray for or praise the one whome you are jealous against).

The real solution will be to find the source of these negative thoughts and solve it from the roots which is referred to as sealing the hole in the poem (Eg: To settle a long kept partnership or relationship issue rather than to live with it while it occupies half the space of your mind)

inspired by

Pray Well

Focus ..

On the purification of your heart,than

The beautification of your words.

The presence of your heart , than

The eloquence of your tongue.

The brokenness of your state, than

The loudness of your voice .

Pray Well. For others and yourself!


Every son that’s risen, sets

Every fruit that’s ripe , dries

Every soul that’s born, dies..

Laughter becomes a little tougher

Compassion becomes a little harder

Life becomes a little rougher

Some faces are hard to forget

Some memories are hard to part with

Some lives are hard to let go..

May be that’s what you call, love

Rest In Peace , Pootha!

In blissful peace, you Live..