A letter from Metaverse to the Universe

Had a chance to speak about regulating metaverse last week, this is something we all need to be aware of. What’s coming is a little more than what we can comprehend today. Sharing here for awareness purpose , I strongly recommend that you read the below write up.

What if I told you, a  pair of VR glasses will cause a major threat to construction, electronics,  transportation, education, fashion industries and the human relationships in just about 5-7 years from now.

You wouldn’t believe me anymore than what you would if someone had told you about the influence of internet and mobile phones on human beings 20 years back

Well, its not just the VR glasses but the metaverse that you have access to, through it, that will cause such a disruption. A disruption that will not just affect organizations or industries, cities or countries but the human civilization as a whole

What is the metaverse

It simply fakes your senses and let you experience a highly immersive virtual world where people gather to socialize, play,  work and live.

How do you know you are sitting on a chair and reading this article on your cell phone or laptop

Its through your senses of touch, sight and hearing .. The fact is you can feel all this in metaverse to such an extent you will no more want to live in the real world as it gives you access to all the  pleasures that you can only think of now, and mostly for free.

Your avatar can be taller or shorter than you are , blacker or whiter than you are. You can be of any gender or orientation of your choice. You could be a living as a king with many servants in the most luxurious private castles.

You can read newspaper in Mars, enjoy your coffee in Dubai and go for work in London in just seconds . You will not watch a movie , you will be in the movie, you will walk though the websites instead of looking at them on screens

You will no more need mobile phones or laptops, as you can instantly interact face to face with the avatar of the person you want to call and you can have your emails open in the skies.

Imagine what it will do to relationships if people can have as many partners as they want in the virtual world without anyone knowing about it and with the behaviour types of their choice

What will this do to the all the physical industries that exist today or even cities. You wont need them anymore. All you would need is a chair, a good internet connection and a pair of glasses.  And all what you will go out for is to eat or treat

I totally understand the fact that Metaverse has tremendous application in the field of awareness and education, we ourselves have done some exciting projects for clients that brought down many days of physical trainings and site visits to just a few minutes of VR experiences without the learner having to move an inch.

We have worked on projects that helped companies to test real time business continuity responses to events such as earth quakes and terror attacks which they can experience virtually instead of doing mere table top exercises.

Do technical trainings where you can dis assemble and reassemble the most complex machineries without people having to wait in queues or misplacing parts

Yet , the spread and the accessibility of this in the common space is going to change things. If we do not regulate it , society as we know it might cease to exit in just a few years

As of now laws and regulations are limited to geographical locations. In metaverse, things happen in a parallel universe, a dead persons Avatar could be accused of committing a crime or the person who created the avatar might already be dead.  Who shall be held responsible in such cases and by the law of which land shall they be judged..?

In my humble opinion there are three ways we can regulate the metaverse and we should all come together to the best we can , just as we had done in case of cloning or similiar things

  1. Top Level:
    1. Governments and leaders shall restrict the use of metaverse for educational purposes only
    2. Metaverse shall strictly be used as a paid service while common people get to access all essential services physically
  1. Mid Level:
    1. Purchase and use of Avatars should be linked and limited to a person and kept transparent.
    2. Manipulation of the minds shall not be allowed and usage of AI avatars in advertisements shall be regulated
    3. Restriction shall be made on collection of user data as even the facial expressions can be monitored in metaverse
  1. Individual Level:
    1. We as individuals should train ourselves to control our desires as all the pleasures and luxury will be just a gaze away
    2. Maintain daily time limit for the usage of metaverse and instil moral values in the our immediate circle
    3. Be thankful to every moment of our physical existence 🙂

As the dialogue in #Spiderman movie goes, with great power comes great responsibility. Today  we have great power through technology ,tomorrow it will be even more, may be a bit more than what we can handle.

But we are people of hope,  together, we have overcome many such challenges in the past and we will , in sha Allah overcome this too. And as we are taught in our tradition

Never despair of the mercy of your Lord.

Love is the odd one out

Every other action is a one way relationship from Allah to you, except…

Allah shows you mercy , but you can’t show Him mercy

Allah forgives you, but you can’t forgive Him

Except Love.

Allah loves you , and you can love Him back

And interestingly, He has left you that choice

Yet we seek perfect love from people and

We are saddened when we don’t get it back

Love the One who created Love and you out of that love

Everyone in heavens and earth will by default love you

Seek Love from the right place !

( inspired from sheikh Ibn Arabi)

Pea(ie)ce of Mind

A little peace of mind, might

Cost a big piece of your wealth

Sacrifice your share

whether or not others care

You will be a real hero

While they call you zero

You will fly high

While they sigh a cry

In contentment, as Shafiee said, richness lie

Had the rich known, they’d never ever lie.

A Letter to the Beloved Prophet

بسم الله وعلى ملة رسول الله

(In the name of God and on the religion of the Messenger of God)

Saying this they lowered me to the tiny dark room and each of them took a fistful of sand and threw it on me. I felt, the one who loved me more could only take a little bit of sand and they threw it slower compared to others to cover my dead self (It’s only now I realize why Sayyidatna Fatma asked the companions how could they throw sand to cover the Blessed Prophet’s Body after He passed Away) . But eventually even my closest ones left me and I am now alone in the grave. It was pitch black all around and all I could feel was the smell of the sand as the wall was so close to my face. I tried to move around just to realize that the grave was so small and I couldn’t even change my posture with its four walls hugging me so tight.

Suddenly I heard some footsteps, even though it sounded frightening It was in a way relieving to have some company in this new little house of mine. It was the angels who we only heard about in the previous life. How true was Sayyidina Ali’s words, People are asleep and only when they die, they wake up.

They showed me a radiant face and asked me Who it is. (Let me pause for a moment and tell you, this is the most significant moment in the grave. You are questioned of your level of awareness of the Beloved Prophet of Allah and how you reply to this question will pretty much decide the fate of your everlasting future.  There are those who will say I don’t know who it is, those who say he was the Prophet of Arabia as a historic figure, He was the best of Creation ..etc depending on their awareness of Him (sa))

I tried to answer in one word the blessed name of the Prophet SA and realized it’s not as easy as it seemed, my voice was not coming out and I had no one to help. It just flashed in my heart the only one who can save me from this is the Master of creation Himself. I closed my eyes and from the depths of my heart in that pitiful helpless state, I called out to Him with all the yearning

Yaaa Rasulullah ..

I was busy when I was alive, I never had time to mention Your blessed name or recite salawat upon You. Now I am a beggar at your door, helpless and broken, these angels are asking me of Your blessed self.

Forgive me Yaa Rasulullah, I never could understand the significance of Your love and Your yearning for us, neither could I make use of the time, health, youth and life that Your Lord gave me in a way pleasing to you and in following your traditions.

Its only after going through the pangs of death I realized how painful it really was Ya Rasulullah, it’s only then I realized how much you loved me and the whole ummah. In our lives even if it was a prick of a thorn or a small wound in our body we wished for that pain to be taken away from us , yet even at the time of your Wafath you prayed to Allah , if death is so painful to give pain of the whole Ummah to you. Ya Rasulullah , I don’t deserve forgiveness just for ignoring this one act of love alone, let alone the thousands of other acts of kindness you have shown to us. Yet I am hopeful..

I complain of my inability to describe you Ya Sayyidi, even if one could praise you in the most eloquent language and in the most perfect manner how can these angels or any other creation really comprehend your station.

Can an artist fully understand the work of a better artist, can a scientist fully comprehend the work of a better scientist, No! he can just admire it to the limits of his own capacity, appreciating what he doesn’t understand is probably more than what he understood.

Even if thousands of such artists, scientists and strategists come together to produce great works of art or science, can they come up with a new sense on top of the five senses, can they create or even imagine a new element on top of the four elements, can they think of an alternative shape for the human body or any other living or non-living beings around them, if not anything can they at least stop death..? This leaves us with absolutely no doubts with the fact that, all the things we proudly claim as our inventions in this world are incremental innovations or mere enhancements of the work of The Original Innovator ( Al Badee’) .

Look at millions of fishes in the sea, birds in the sky, animals in the forest and stars in the universe. All of them are created out of nothing with freshly unique colour, shape and smell. When we zoom out to the vastness of the universe or zoom in to the granularity our own body, we are humbled of our helplessness to understand the multiplicity of creation and the Greatness of its Creator, leave alone the unseen worlds of the angels and spirits!

How can we then comprehend your station who is the Best of creation Yaa Rasulallah

Among all known and unknown things and in all the seen and unseen worlds, you are the best of Creation. You are the Masterpiece of The Master Creator Himself.

This realization has come to me only in this late hour Yaa Rasulullah. Forgive me for my shortcomings. Forgive me for not appreciating you as I should have, for now I realize, appreciation of the art is the best form of appreciation of the Artist.

Even after being in such a lofty place, you yearned for each one of us much more than how much we yearned for You.

We are ashamed of ourselves Ya Rasulullah, even the snake in its hole longed to meet you, the dove and the spider strove to help you, stones greeted you, clouds covered you, the tree trunk cried of your separation, the whole of creation, angels and Allah Himself send salawat upon you. Its only me who fell short of this, forgive me ya Raulullah.

Through you we were blessed with the Quran, You split the moon when they challenged you to show a miracle , you fed hundreds with just a handful of food, stones were pelted at your blessed body yet You forgave them when you had the power to crush them between the mountains, you quenched the thirsty with blessed flowing water from your fingers, the trees walked upon your instruction, even animals and birds testified to your Prophecy and when you were sad at the loss of your blessed wife Sayyidatna Khadija, Allah consoled you by bringing you to Himself through the blessed night journey.  When Allah Himself testifies you are at a lofty station of character, how does this sinner even try to comprehend who you are. All I hope for is to be covered in that mercy as the Lord of the worlds say about you

وَمَا أَرْسَلْنَاكَ إِلَّا رَحْمَةً لِلْعَالَمِينَ

You are not sent but as a Mercy to the whole worlds

I am thankful to Allah for making me amongst your Ummah. And in complaining to you of my helplessness I fear not the involvement of shirk. On the day of Judgement when all the prophets turn people  away, they will not dare go to Allah directly, even those who complain against excessive love for you will come begging to you. And that’s only when your true station will be revealed, and there you will be prostrating, how can this little I describe that prostration.

A prostration of Love.

A symbol of love from you to the Creator, and

A symbol of love from you to the rest of creation

When that love exceeds all bounds it will be said to you  

Raise Your Head, You will be given until you are pleased.

Such an offer has never been given to anyone, nor will ever be given.

How then, Can I not be hopeful to be a part of that all enveloping love of yours Ya Rasulullah. Your love for me far outweighs my sins and I, all who are reading this, who taught us and all of us your ummah just hope to be protected from the flame with Your Blessed Hands and even though we deserve not, we dream of your companionship

All I beg to Allah at this moment is to conceal our sins from you Yaa Sayyidi, so when we meet you there are no stains in us that cause you pain.

Allow me permissions to express my inability to the angels to describe you Ya Sayyidi and to add if they punish me my Beloved Prophet might feel the pain and if you leave me He will be happy as I am from His Blessed Ummati. “How often You call upon Your Lord with this supplication…”

Ummati Ummati Ummati

When I opened my eyes with this renewed confidence to answer, the angels had already left. It appeared as if they heard the conversation for there were drops of tears glowing like pearls, the grave was no more a dark hole but something you can’t yet comprehend.

إِنَّ بَيْتًا أَنْتَ سَاكِنُهُ… لَيْسَ مُحْتَاجًا إِلَى السُّرُجَ

(The house you live in… does not need a saddle of light)

May Allah shower as much salawat upon you continually according to His love for you and your Love for Him