Title of Your Own Book

Book of Your Life

Every one of us is a book waiting to be written

A book so unique and one of a kind

A book to remain forever ,long after we are gone

How then shall we plan its content

How then shall we design its cover

What then shall we name it brother..

House, Owner & the Tenant


It seemed like an unusual walk through the village, a certain window seemed to have opened in the heart..

I passed by a house in which two people were quarreling, upon observing closely, I realized that they were fighting for the ownership of the house. What was even more surprising to me was one of them was the real owner of the house and other, the tenant> They had but little knowledge of their real positions as they both have been sharing the house from childhood. They were almost equal in strenth and appearance, I assumed this fight would go on till one of them eventually gains more power to overcome the other. I continued to walk.

After a while I passed by another house, the owner was in full control of it and was as healthy and heavy as anyone could imagine, I could not find the tenant anywhere initially. Upon inquiring I was told that tenant merely existed in a corner of the house almost as a slave and was hardly given anything to sustain his life. I assumed, they would probably never fight as the owner was well aware of his position and kept himself well maintained over the tenant, however I had a strange feeling somehow the tenant was never really going to give up.

I continued my walk and saw a third house.  The owner of the house was frail, bedridden and almost about to die. I became curious and started searching for the cruel tenant who had caused this pitiful scene. Didn’t take me long to find this giant ugly being, for sure he must have usurped almost all things which originally belonged to the owner. He was in full control of the house and there was little hope the owner would ever stand up on his feet again. But somehow I felt, even the house yearned for the owner to put up one last fight..!

You are the House in the story, your Ego the Tenant and Your Soul the Owner.

I leave you with one question, which is your house..?

The Cleric & The Book


The  head cleric was all anxious, when he had heard of the upcoming visit of the King to the National Librabry. It was his obligation to be in charge of the library on top of the religious responsibilities he handled for the kingdom . The King was fond of literature and had penned a few books in the past, it was his custom to visit the library at least once a year to check everything is in place and also to marvel at the ever increasing collection of books.

It was only rarely the cleric found some time to visit the library as this was his secondary job. However he was left furious when he payed a quick check up visit to the library prior to the Kings arrival to the place. To his surprise he found that the ignorant librarians had placed the King’s masterpiece poetry book at the lowest row of the bookshelf. It was just minutes away before the King arrived and he lost all his temper and screamed at the top of his voice. Within seconds the responsible librarians were lined up and admonished heavily by the cleric. In no time they were asked to rearrange the books and it was made sure that the Kings books were all placed at eye level and at the most visible part of the Library.

The Cleric did not forget to make note of the names of at least two servants who were responsible for the issue, he had to make sure that they would be terminated soon after the visit for what could have been a fatal mistake as the king was known for his short temper.

Finally the King arrived accompanied by dignitaries, the collection of books they had preserved in the library was surely a thing to marvel at. The companions missed no opportunities to praise the great collection of books and the interiors maintained in the facility. It was the cleric himself who took out the King’s masterpiece from the shelf and recited some of the best lines of poetry from it. This might have been really powerful words as the whole group broke into tears when it was recited.

It was the time of prayer and it was the cleric’s turn to carry out his second responsibility before the King. He led the prayer with utmost care leading the whole group and was quick to follow it up with some recitation and advices from the Book of God which was kept conveniently next to the prayer mat , next to his feet.

The King seemed really happy and the cleric was thoroughly impressed on how the whole day went and thanked God for the accolades he received. After all what better ways to showcase his skills both as a Librarian and as the head cleric in just one quick visit of the King. He sure had reasons to wait for a pay rise from the generous King.