Be, Like Fire

Some are famous on earth

Some are famous in the heavens

But a few, in both.

Some are excellent teachers

Some are great spiritual leaders

But a few can be both

Everyone dies when the time comes

But a few, live on with heroic deaths

We call these few ,HEROES

I guess my Grandpa was one of them

Heroes are like fire

Gravity pulls everything down

But the fire, still goes up

He is like that fire

That still lights up my whole town..


Like a butterfly, nay she was a butterfly
One flower to another, with those little flights
Never allowing any to wither,
Yet, enticed by every colour

Sipping some honey, she moved
Spreading much fragrance, she moved
Cleansing the hearts of venom and hatred..

Of all the lonely flowers, scattered
A garden so beautiful, she created
My boundless garden and she silently claimed.

She said,  but how! I’m puzzled
She said, yet she said before she died

Rinse the pot to have me washed,
Bring the wood to have water boiled,
Take the clothes, for its no more needed
Cleanse the house, let me get best prepared,
Next to my mom is where I like to be buried

And.. here I leave with my lights unveiled

Love of this grandma has unmatched strength
Shall we ponder the origin of this warmth
The One Who made this is only found in faith
Is it time to open your eyes, ears and heart..
Seek the Truth that is hidden so smart.
Tread the journey that’s yet to start.. !

..The Fallen Bird..

2 bird

I saw you looking up into the sky

Felt as though you were about to cry..

What made you stay back till the late night

Or was it because you could really not fly

Perhaps you already had given it a try.

Didn’t try helping you, know not why

A touch of comfort before you died

is what you yearned, but we both were shy.

How was the fall,the fence was high

Hope you went in a state of joy

Bidding the babes a final good bye..

Forgot your story as the days went by

Returned to the site , and was touched by the plight

Motionless ,me for a moment and you forever

you were,No!, are beautiful, even days after death

Not a crack , or a mark on your colorful cloth

You must have had a beautiful heart, filled with faith

Sure you have fallen through a brave last flight.

Thanks for giving me a chance to help you

Return to the sand in a state of bliss you

As a queen, rest in peace you

i would now forever miss you

Never I , but it was He who helped you.!