Title of Your Own Book

Book of Your Life

Every one of us is a book waiting to be written

A book so unique and one of a kind

A book to remain forever ,long after we are gone

How then shall we plan its content

How then shall we design its cover

What then shall we name it brother..


Every son that’s risen, sets

Every fruit that’s ripe , dries

Every soul that’s born, dies..

Laughter becomes a little tougher

Compassion becomes a little harder

Life becomes a little rougher

Some faces are hard to forget

Some memories are hard to part with

Some lives are hard to let go..

May be that’s what you call, love

Rest In Peace , Pootha!

In blissful peace, you Live..


Like a butterfly, nay she was a butterfly
One flower to another, with those little flights
Never allowing any to wither,
Yet, enticed by every colour

Sipping some honey, she moved
Spreading much fragrance, she moved
Cleansing the hearts of venom and hatred..

Of all the lonely flowers, scattered
A garden so beautiful, she created
My boundless garden and she silently claimed.

She said,  but how! I’m puzzled
She said, yet she said before she died

Rinse the pot to have me washed,
Bring the wood to have water boiled,
Take the clothes, for its no more needed
Cleanse the house, let me get best prepared,
Next to my mom is where I like to be buried

And.. here I leave with my lights unveiled

Love of this grandma has unmatched strength
Shall we ponder the origin of this warmth
The One Who made this is only found in faith
Is it time to open your eyes, ears and heart..
Seek the Truth that is hidden so smart.
Tread the journey that’s yet to start.. !

The Water Soul


Like water containers, Our bodies as human beings come in different colors and shapes. Look at a bottle, glass or jar around you, the sizes and forms are completely different, yet if you take a step further and open the jar, see through the bottle or look inside the glass you see the same content, water

Our souls are like this water. Regardless of the differences outside, deep within we are all the same. The colorless, odorless , tasteless water.

Now!. Comes the power of your choice,

Take some dirt or filth and mix with this water, it becomes an undrinkable unapproachable thing. Or take some honey and milk to mix with it, the same water becomes a desirous drink.

This mud or the milk is the character you complement your soul with, the more of which you add the kind of being you become.

Choice is truly Yours.

( Inspired by Nadim Maldar)