I live with my parents

No matter how good you are with parents

There is always a level higher

I recently saw a poster where Christiano Ronaldo expressed his great love for his mother and said he will always keep his mother with him , regardless of his fame and busy travels.

For a celebrity of that stature these are beautiful words and a great expression of love and humility before his mother

Recently, I Saw a greater expression of love when I asked one of my successful friends as a passing question, “oh so your parents live with you ..?”

He immediately corrected me and said , “No I live with my parents , I wouldn’t have been here if not for them “

Even though his parents were depending on him, he gave them the credit and chose to express his dependence on them.

So there is always a level, up.

No matter how good you are with parents

There is always a level, higher

Human of the Day Award!


I have been thinking about this for sometime 🙂

This is a short series of positive human experiences in our daily lives. We will chose the best three entries and recognize them with the human of the day awards on 31st of June

In a world that is filled with negativity and resentment, this is an attempt to observe and recognize the little goodness around us. An opportunity to enlighten the readers with that little happiness you received from a fellow human.

Post your entries as reply to this or you may share it with me in lilalistories@outlook.com

Start sharing your experiences today

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